Ben’s perfect Christmas present

Ben from Bourne bags himself a full driving licence for Christmas

He took his BIG TOM intensive driving course in October 2018 having only previously had 6 driving lessons 8 months beforehand.  He had a really exciting 5 day course driving in Spalding, Corby Glen and on the Eye roundabout in Peterborough.  He drove up to Grantham, across to Stamford and in the Deepings.  He drove across the white Ryhall bridge, and along the river at Pinchbeck.  After his course he said:

“In my opinion more useful than 1 hour lessons. Improved my perception of driving each day. A great structure – returning to things that need practise every day as well as starting new things. Confidence is easily improved over the week due to how long you drive for each day. All aspects of driving test are met in these 5 days”

Ben had not at this stage completed his theory test but it didn’t hold him back.

He used his BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course as a foundation for his continued practice with his family in his own car.  Once he passed his theory test he got in touch with BIG TOM again to request a practical test booking in his name for Grantham driving test centre; which is all part of the course benefits.  He continued his practising and got back in touch with BIG TOM just after Christmas to say he had passed his driving test in his own car:

“Hi Tom,  I’m just emailing you to say thank you for all your time during my intensive driving course. I am happy to say that I passed my practical test 1st time and I couldn’t have done it without your help.  Thanks again, Ben”

Owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram was delighted to hear the news and adds to this story:

“I always enjoy hearing of BIG TOM customers like Ben.  Olivia from Surfleet did exactly the same not so long ago too.  It does just go to show how flexible the intensive course is for customers, giving them options of how they want to proceed after Day 5.  I love to hear of pupils passing their driving test in their own car, it must do wonders for their confidence, and the BIG TOM customer reviews demonstrate that this has been an option available to my customers for many years.  This just shows that for customers who have had very little previous driving experience, it is perfectly possible to treat the BIG TOM 5 day course as a foundation on which to build further practice.  They can also choose to take advantage of the massive 17% savings should they want to book up a second week with BIG TOM.  The point is, my driving school offers customers choice, and that is very beneficial to them.”

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