BIG TOM Continued Support

BIG TOM is committed to offering customers continued support post-intensive driving course

Abby from Bourne did her intensive course just over a week ago and is now taking some bolt-on sessions until she feels fully confident in her all-around driving.

This morning on a 2-hour bolt-on session she drove on A and B roads, as well as classified and unclassified roads. She drove for 20 minutes on the motorway, and she drove on dual-carriageways.

She managed to do 2 reverse parallel parks, pulling up on the right side of the road, practising operating controls within the car, e.g. windscreen washers, lights. She took a look under the bonnet at the main engine components.
She has now had 3 driving sessions with BIG TOM in the last 4 days, and she has planned in a mock test for Sunday morning; yes we work Sundays for our customers such is our commitment to help them achieve their goal.  We have also started work as early as 6 am before for customers who want to train prior to starting a working day.

BIG TOM is committed to the continued support of customers.  Deanne from Boston just completed her course and says: “Thanks tom had a wonderful week working with you, thank you for being very patient with me and explaining things in depth when I’ve needed it.  Also a great big thanks to being flexible with times and just generally putting up with me I now feel I am able to drive but not test ready just yet but hoping to work with you again in a couple of weeks to get me to that standard thanks once again”  Deanne 🙂

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