BIG TOM Driving School – Learner information November 2015

Driving Test Pass Rates

The latest DVSA driving test pass rates that they publicly publish (29/9/15) indicate that the overall UK pass rate is 46.7%   Grantham is 52.3% and Peterborough 45.2%. Their latest stats on how many candidates pass their driving test on the first attempt is 21% [Source: ADI NJC]. Here at BIG TOM Driving School we publish our first time pass rates on the Facebook pages for our Intensive courses – 64% and our traditional ‘pay as you go’ driving lessons – 87%. As can be seen, both of these first time pass rates are significantly higher than the “average” performance in the industry. Not all driving instructors are the same, there is a reason why some provide cheap driving lessons.


Test Confirmation Emails

When our customers make use of our popular test booking service, we will automatically forward you the email confirmation of the test. Please read the email, it has important information about the location of the test centre, the time to arrive, what to bring with you.


New Driving Test

The new driving test trials are continuing, and there are more driving test centres being added to the original trial list. We heard at a recent CPD event for Driving Instructors that preliminary findings suggest that the new driving test results are producing a 10% increase in the pass rates when compared to the current test pass rates. We will continue to monitor the situation for our customers and keep them up to date with the very latest information. Just so that our customers are aware, BIG TOM Driving School uses Peterborough, Grantham and Boston Driving Test Centres, none of which are in the trials – if any had been, we would have requested to also be part of the trials.



BIG TOM Driving School has an extensive range of driving publications that customers can get free access to. We have Theory Test books and DVD’s, Roadcraft, Essential Driving Skills, The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs + many more. We ask for a small deposit that is returned to you on the safe return of the publication. If there is any resource that you have discovered that is not in our library, do let us know. We will happily purchase copies and make them immediately available for our customers.

Do let us know of any subject you would like us to cover on our monthly Learner update.


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