BIG TOM Driving Success Programme

BIG TOM driving school specialises in providing unique, bespoke training programmes to assist a wide range of needs for customers. Our experience in providing effective driving training emphasises the point that learning paths are unique to pupils.  Our BIG TOM Driving Success Programme© has three key elements to ensure it is flexible enough to cater for a wide range of pupil’s needs.

Environment: The programme identifies the correct environment in which a pupil can effectively learn to drive. The pre-course resources can be provided in digital, paper and video formats. In-car training is conducted in carefully selected locations to maintain safety, reduce stress, and maximise learning objectives. Refreshments are provided free of charge. Customers are picked up/dropped off at home. Continuity is guaranteed for training in the same vehicle, with the same driving instructor and this includes when you go to test. Customers are not distracted with the booking of tests. Pupils work towards achieving goals in a setting that recognises mistakes as being opportunities to learn. Training is adapted to identify and respect specific needs, free of judgement and within an open and honest working relationship.

Tuition: Formative and summative feedback is available in a guaranteed 1:1 setting. Confidence is developed with the appropriate level of verbal assistance, use of demonstrations, video technology and DVSA in-car training materials which are free of charge and owned by our customers. The very latest techniques can be utilised for self-regulated learning. Pupils are offered assistance with metacognitive and cognitive skills. Up to date teaching techniques are utilised to develop long-term driving skills, including the exploration of attitudes and beliefs that can affect driving ability. Guided and independent practice is conducted with safety and effective learning as key objectives. Integrity is assured by professional advice regarding driving test timing based on several years of experience and knowledge of required driving standards. Carefully selected training subjects are planned based on the ability and confidence levels of pupils. Training is provided with reference to the DVSA driving standard and used in conjunction with discussions with pupils (including a free pre-in-car training consultation).  We are so confident with the quality of our tuition that we offer a free second driving test attempt free of charge.

Methodology: BIG TOM driving training is pupil-centred. We specialise in assisting pupils with time management needs. Pupils who suffer from anxiety and/or learning difficulties are welcome and encouraged to join the many pupils who have been helped to obtain their full driving licence. Road safety is our number one priority; we do not stress pupils with expected driving ability outcomes for fixed training hours. Pupils are able to boost training experience with the use of ‘bolt-on’ sessions that are available Mon-Fri 6 am – 10 pm.  Our programme can include any of the following at no extra cost: motorway driving, driving experience at night, multi-storey car parks, emergency breakdown, theory study assistance.

For more information on pricing and the range of courses call BIG TOM on 07498364211

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