10 hours and plantHere are some of the driving video comments received by the 1000 learners on my BIG TOM YouTube Channel “Tom Ingram” These videos will save you 10 HOURS when learning to drive

Hi Tom, your driving blog which details a thoughtful and practical approach to the mentality behind driving was very helpful for me and helped me to pass my test on the 15th of this month, the “Top tips for your driving test” was particularly useful. N.K.

Ok Tom,  got my test on Monday and I will definitely be taking your ‘;thinking driver’ with me. Not feeling too nervous at the moment because I am not letting it dominate my mind to much as that will maybe cause me to be nervous etc…….in meantime I will be on u tube more than usual between now and Monday just drawing inspiration from videos such as this. – Melina

Hi Tom lol I passed!! so happy!! examiners feedback… he was telling me off it seems and I feel like I was at back at school… but passed me…so I am extremely happy about that. – Melina

This is extremely helpful! i go for my license in 5 days and i actually feel like i will pass – Samantha

I passed! again thank you so much your video helped me stay calm – Samantha

Good explanations, thanks. Agree, not everyone knows or respects priority. Just had an idiot try to turn right from a minor road into our major road whilst we were turning right into the opposite minor road at a crossroads…

Did this correct 3 times today. struggled so much on the previous lesson. Thanks –  Nat

I’m trying to the first method but the lines behind me are not straight so I half turn to one of the sides but can’t seem to get the hang of it – Andrea

Great tips for learners thanks a lot – Kashif

This has helped me so much. My knowledge of this and the rate of which I need to bring my clutch up is much better. I will put this into practice a little bit later thank you!!! – Jade

I failed yesterday, I got two majors and five minors. One major was for lane discipline right at the start of the test where there was a left or straight on and a right turn at the traffic lights, I got asked to go right so I went into the right lane 50+ yards prior to the lights then I noticed a side road just before the lights. I saw a right arrow on the floor so I assumed I was in the wrong lane and panicked so I moved to the left lane, then I realised it the right lane was the correct one so I quickly went over to the right. Is that just nerves or a confidence issue? My other major is for use of mirrors when changing speed, I completely forgot to check my mirrors when pulling over during the test and a van was waiting behind me to see what I was doing according to the examiner so what I am trying to ask essentially is are my mistakes just a one time thing because of nerves and confidence? as I have never done anything like that in my test. I’ve now managed to book my test for the 1st of March but am constantly looking for cancellations!

Found the video very informative, thanks in advance for the reply 🙂 – Matt

Had my test today and had convinced myself half way though i had failed (which i hadnt) but because i was convinced i had fail it caused my to make a mistake – too close to a horse and then too close to a stationary car) so ended up with 2 serious and 5 faults. both the serious happened in 2 minutes the rest of the test was good. any ideas on how to solve that? – Lizzi

Love the videos tom, I passed my test but I’m still watching. Thank u 😀  Pycho Activ

All of the posters of the comments above are not BIG TOM 5 Day Intensive Driving Course customers. But they all receive a response, it does go to show how beneficial these driving videos are. For my own customers the videos are presented in a systematic way, to prepare for their intensive driving course in Peterborough, Grantham, Bourne, Spalding, Lincoln, Boston, Stamford or Sleaford. They are also provided access to a bank of driving videos that go into much greater length and are restricted to BIG TOM customers viewing only.  Customers are also offered the opportunity to reflect on driving training sessions, with the benefit of seeing them driving while viewing in the comfort of their own home.

The real key for understanding why so many non-BIG TOM customers are getting value from watching the videos, is that learning to drive should not be all about where you learn to drive. Once you have passed your driving test, you are then able to drive anywhere, so it really matters not where the particular video is filmed. More important are the key driving tips and techniques that promote road safety and good standards of driving, and when practised, these can be learnt on any roads, in any location….. this is why these videos have been viewed more than 450,000 + times!

If you are learning to drive at the moment, it really does make sense to subscribe up to the BIG TOM channel, and also post away with any questions and comments. Please keep it constructive, as others reading will then be able to read and learn by the experiences posted up – this is also another key learning opportunity; to absorb the experiences of others, reflect, engage and enjoy the interaction.

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