The BIG TOM Help Centre has for over 2 years been providing an invaluable resource to customers who want to know more about driving training these days.

It is very often the case that funders of driving training are parents who last experienced driving lessons and instructors twenty-odd years ago. So these people will sometimes have an idea of what learning to drive feels like, comparing it to their experiences a long time ago.  Times change, new driving legislation comes in, driving techniques evolve along with vehicle technology and the design of the infrastructure also changes with time. It is also the case that the volume of traffic on the roads continues to increase year on year.

The Help Centre keeps you abreast of issues like car insurance for newly qualified drivers, tips to decrease premiums, reliability issues of EV and general news regarding charging points and costs. There is also advice on comparing to drive with regards to the frequency and duration of driving training sessions.

Any news relating to the waiting times for driving tests, theory and practical test pass rates across the UK, future driving examiner strike action or issues regarding weather are all in the Help Centre.

Customers are given information relating to safeguarding, use of dashcam recordings, pricing policy and using your own vehicle for the purposes of a driving test. There are top tips provided to help you prior to starting driving training and you can read up about typical obstacles to learning.

This has been and will continue to be free for all to access without obligation with the compliments of BIG TOM Driving School.