BIG TOM Intensive Course update

We want to keep our customers up to date with the C-19 lockdown status and what it means for their goals.

The government have just extended the lockdown for a further 3 week period which will then take us all into May.  With regards to any theory test bookings, the DVSA/Pearson are informing BIG TOM Admin of any re-schedules that are due.  These are then being pushed out to our customers as and when they arrive.  The GOV.UK site was still making mention of their initial suspension up to 20/04/2020 and that has now been updated to include an extension of the suspension to 08/05/2020.  If you have any particular concerns or questions regarding timing, please feel free to contact them direct on their email address here   Make sure you have ready the booking reference number and your own personal information such as drivers licence.

The practical test suspension is still in place from 20/3/2020 for the following three months.

It still remains the case that this period of lockdown offers the opportunity to engage in BIG TOM intensive driving course resources.  We are offering our customers free webinar support for theory test study including the hazard perception section.  Customers who continue to book courses in this lockdown are also being automatically sent by post the BIG TOM in-car training pack which is packed full of very useful information, guidance and advice.  The BIG TOM digital resources include the chance to view videos on manoeuvres, country road safe driving techniques, good observation skills to be aware of and much more.  Included are handy quizzes and checklists.  All of these resources are designed to assist you to gain vital knowledge of skills and techniques that are used on a daily basis by good drivers.  There is also a DVSA book which provides essential knowledge on driving tests, safe driving techniques, car maintenance, and tips on private practice.

In this period at home, it provides the perfect opportunity for customers to engage in these BIG TOM resources and have any technical questions answered.

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