Book a Test Drive

Try Before You Buy

I recommend that before you commit yourself to any driving lessons in Peterborough or Grantham, you book a test drive with your intended Driving Instructor.

This is not only a sensible request, but it is also a good test of how keen the Driving School is to assist you.  There are many benefits in taking the time to book a test drive.  You get to see the driving school car, how clean is it, how good is the range of vision out the windows, does it smell, will you be happy driving in it.  Not only that, but by booking a test drive you also get a chance to see the Driving Instructor, check out their appearance, how approachable they are, how keen to help you, even do they have bad breath!

Might seem silly at first to you, but when you consider you will be spending 20-40 hours with this person, in that car, then these things are important!

Any customer of Big Tom Driving School is offered a chance to see the car, and sit in the driver’s seat, without any further obligation.

Maximise the learning on your driving lessons in Peterborough or Grantham and book a test drive NOW!  Text “test drive” to 0800 689 4174 and we will call you straight back with a date…. easy!

Book a test drive

Book a test drive