C-19 update

The Government has announced a further extension to the theory test slot availability.

Firstly, welcome to any readers who have come on to the BIG TOM intensive driving course website in this period of lockdown.  We very much hope that you are managing to keep safe and well, and that your friends and family are also coping in these times.

The suspension of theory test slots has been extended to up to and including 30/05/2020.  As ever, we are continuing to monitor this situation very closely for our customers.  BIG TOM Admin continues to function as normal for the booking of courses so as to allow the release of our important pre-course resources.

We are rather hoping to receive a possibly more favourable update tomorrow with the hint perhaps of some signs of releasing the lockdown.  While we are aware that there are signs of the public taking private driving lessons on the roads this week, we can only stress that unless training critical workers, it is not permitted to drive on public roads for the purpose of driving training.

We understand that this can be a source of frustration for our customers who for a variety of reasons may be very keen to start/continue their intensive as soon as is possible.  Rest assured that as soon as we are legally able to train again, we will be back in touch with our customers and we would ask you to remain patient.

At this time, we would also encourage all customers to make full use of the online support classes being offered for theory study by the owner Tom Ingram.  These are free, interactive webinars using branded DVSA resources.

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