Cancelling a driving test

This blog explains the process involved when a driving test is cancelled by the DVSA due to poor weather.

It is a great shame when a driving test is cancelled due to poor weather. No-one wants it to happen, but safety is the paramount consideration of the DVSA when deciding whether to cancel a driving test.

How do they decide?

Typically, it tends to be colder temperatures that cause cancellations. As a rough rule of thumb, once the temperature goes lower than zero degrees, then potentially there is a higher likelihood of ice on the roads.  Soft snow and sleet do not tend to create the same response as the presence of ice on the roads.

Do I get any advance notice?

Here at BIG TOM, we work hard behind the scenes on behalf of our customers. We monitor driving test centre cancellations on the DVSA twitter feed, and we act as a liaison between the DVSA and our customers.  As inconvenient and frustrating as a cancellation is, there is no controlling the weather and it is a case of limiting the impact.

Do I have to pay extra?

Tom Ingram, owner of BIG TOM says:

“Absolutely not!  No-one is to “blame” for poor weather, it is what it is.  In all the years I’ve been doing these intensive courses, cancellations for poor weather crops up a surprisingly small amount.  BIG TOM admin works hard to reserve a suitable alternative booking on behalf of our customers and we reset and go again.  I have to say, I do feel sorry for pupils when it does crop up though.  It is not lost on me how much mental preparation takes place prior to taking driving tests so it is an unfortunate situation but thankfully, does not happen too often. “

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