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Grantham Business uses BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course in Grantham

lloyd pass

Read the story here, how BIG TOM Driving School helps local Grantham business Harlaxton Engineering Services, skill up one of their employees, Lloyd in just 4 weeks with the BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course in Grantham.

The Grantham business booked up a 30 hour Intensive Driving Course in Grantham for Lloyd (shown here) on 17/8/15. They made use of the driving test booking service offered by BIG TOM Driving School which takes the stress and inconvenience of trying to find a driving test. Lloyd passed his driving test exactly 1 month later, on the 17/9/15, on his first attempt. The total cost of the 30 hour intensive driving course which included the test fee of £62 was £986.

Veronica Burnett (Legal Officer) at Harlaxton Engineering Services said:

“Fantastic work Tom.  I would be very pleased to endorse any recommendation for the service you have provided and we would certainly utilise your services if the need arises in the future.”

BIG TOM Driving School wishes Lloyd all the very best in his driving career, and looks forward to being of assistance to other Grantham businesses in the future.

Bookings: 0800 689 4174



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Intensive Driving Courses in Sleaford

BIG TOM Driving School is offering £80 off our very popular Intensive Driving Courses in Sleaford (01529 400 455) in February only!

We have extended the range of our very popular intense driving courses that offer great value intensive driving courses in Sleaford. Residents can take their driving test at the newly located test centre at Grantham on the A52. Rhiann who recently passed her driving test after doing our 30 hour intensive driving course says:

“Highly recommending Tom and BIG TOM Driving School and here’s why…..

Tom would teach me things and I would forget but he didn’t ever get stressed with me or even raise his voice … not once! He stayed calm and patient and yesterday I passed my driving test! Tom was never late to a lesson, never on his phone during a lesson. So many other instructors are late, rude and impatient. If you want a driving teacher who takes his job seriously and does everything he can to make you feel ok, then Tom is your guy 🙂 “

Click HERE and scroll down to go to a full review

For our best value intensive driving courses in Sleaford BOOK NOW 01529 400 455




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Eye Roundabout in Peterborough

The following is the road layout for what is commonly known as Eye Roundabout in Peterborough, more precisely known as Junction 8 A15 Paston Parkway, A1139 Frank Perkins Parkway, Parnwell Way, Eye Road. My thanks go to Stuart Mounfield (Infrastructure Delivery Manager) of Peterborough Highway Services, Peterborough City Council.

This graphic gives you precisely the white paint markings on this very large, and busy roundabout (zoom in for full benefit). These type of “spiral” roundabouts are becoming more popular throughout the UK, and can cause some confusion to all drivers, let alone Learner drivers.

On the approach, make full use of scanning the traffic signs as well as observing the white paint. This will enable you to select the correct lane on the approach, which means that there will be no lane swapping on this busy roundabout, which can seriously spook other drivers around you.

Get used to approaching this from all entries, trying out all the different combinations, and you will find that with practise, your confidence will grow.

Here is a video of the roundabout, and there are also a few other versions, approaching in different lanes.

Any questions, fire away.

Roundabout Peterborough

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Driving Test in Peterborough

“Should I take the driving test in Peterborough in my car, or yours Tom?”

This is the question I was asked yesterday morning on a driving lesson in Peterborough. John who is a 62 year old ex-teacher, is fortunate to have access to his Wife’s car. He has a choice. He could take his driving test in Peterborough in his own car, or my driving school car.

driving-test-peterboroughI generally encourage these pupils who have access to a car at home, (with insurance cover of course), to take driving lessons in their car with a view to taking the test in it too. Whilst there are a few makes of car that the DVSA do not permit on test, generally speaking, the vast majority are fine. Just make sure it’s roadworthy (would pass an MOT), is insured for the test, has 2 “L” plates fitted and an additional mirror on the front windscreen for the examiner to see behind.

This advice might sound counter-intuitive coming from a Driving Instructor due to the loss of earnings as a result, but the truth is, it really is incredibly beneficial for a person learning to drive, to have confidence in the car they are driving immediately after passing the driving test.

Our driving lesson in Peterborough this morning is a classic example. We covered the following key skills:

•  How to know with confidence how close the car is to the kerb when reversing and pulling over
•  How to judge if you have enough power available in the car to enter a dual carriageway with varying lengths of slip road
•  How to judge whether the car is in the centre of the lane when you approach a multi-lane roundabout
•  How to recognise the correct timing for gear changes from 3 to 4 or 3 to 5.

The DVSA state that on average learners take 45 hours with a Driving Instructor and 22 hours private practise with friends/family to pass the driving test. In my experience, pupils who do have access to a car, tend to finish off their driving lessons with me accompanying them in their own car. My advice is to do all the things that you might reasonably be expected to do once you pass: McDonalds drive through, multi-storey car park, parallel park on the right side of the road, bay park in large, busy car parks, drive at night, drive to a location having to rely on sat nav and coming on/off a busy dual-carraigeway are a few to consider. How much of this you want to cover before passing the test, and how much you want to discover HAVING passed the test is a matter for you. It is statistically proven that more collisions occur in the period of time immediately after passing the driving test than at any other time in your driving life.

You should also spare a thought for the person supervising your driving. By law they must be 21 or over, and held a driving licence for 3 years and be qualified to drive the type of vehicle you want to learn in eg automatic/manual. But consideration should be given to risk assessing how they feel about the level of control they have/do not have. Planning of sessions is vital so that the experience remains technically of good quality, appropriate for the standard you are at, and develops your progress and confidence.

If you have any questions on this subject, whether you intend to take your driving test in Peterborough or not, feel free to contact me on info@BigTom.org.uk , I would be happy to assist.

Driving Test Peterborough

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Driving School in Bourne gets some Va Va Voom!

Here is the new driving school car!

Proving to be very popular already!  Big Tom Driving School in Bourne now has a new Vauxhall Corsa 1.4.  Take a look around it, you can almost smell it’s new!

Reece who is 17 years old from March took it for a no-obligation drive within 2 hrs of it being delivered, and immediately put down a £100 deposit on this driving course.

Hannah who is a 25 year old professional from Bourne, drove it all day yesterday in Peterborough and did not stall once – she now wants to buy one of them!

Specification includes:bigtom_car-2

•  1.4 petrol turbo
•  Stop/start technology
•  Automatic on/off windscreen wipers when it rains
•  Automatic on/off lights when it’s dark
•  Heated seats and steering wheel
•  Cruise control
•  Automatic anti-glare on the central mirror
•  Automatic indicator re-set
•  ABS
•  Air conditioning
•  Power steering


For a no-obligation test drive, ring 0800 689 4174 NOW.  Be warned, have your cheque book to hand, it will be a special moment!

Big Tom Driving School is based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, serving Grantham, Peterborough and Boston Driving Test Centres.

Driving Lessons Bourne

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More Work For Driving Instructors in Grantham

How to get more work for Driving Instructors in Grantham

Driving_instructors-granthamBig Tom Driving School has more work RIGHT NOW for Driving Instructors in Grantham.

Benefits include:

• Pupil booking service
• No franchise fee
• Optional workload
• No period of notice to serve
• Hours that suit you
• Option to decline work with no penalty

To start immediately earning with no further obligation text/call 0800 689 4174 to get directly through to Tom.  We have work for Driving Instructors in Grantham RIGHT NOW, so get in touch today for instant diary filling.

Driving Lessons Grantham


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Driving Lessons Near Me

How To Search For ‘Driving Lessons Near Me

file6301249314127When you tap in to your device Driving Lessons Near Me you will be presented with lots of information, and it can sometimes appear quite overwhelming. This blog will help you to properly understand that information and how you can use it for your purposes.

At the very top and bottom of the page you will see entries that are within a very lightly shaded background. Look carefully and you might notice the word “Ads”. These entries are paying Google for being on Page 1 for your search. As such, they will not necessarily be offering a service “near you” at all.

Carry on looking down the list, and you start to see what at first glance looks to be some rather obscure entries, often they will contain the words “Driving”, “Lessons”, “Near”, “Me” but in amongst other words. Therefore, you will not necessarily be getting the kind of results that you are after.

What to do.

• There are a couple of questions that will be useful to answer before going any further.
• Is it important to find a driving instructor who lives local to you?
• Is it important to learn to drive where you live, or where you will be tested?

A driving instructor who has to travel a distance to simply get to you because they do not live in your town, will have already incurred some cost (in time and fuel) before your driving lesson even starts, and that cost will be doubled once the driving lesson is finished. In that regard, it is good to find someone local to you. Also, local businesses tend to be more loyal to local customers, this is just a fact – reputation in a community is important. Big Tom Driving School for a long time has offered local residents in Bourne a really good deal to get them going on their driving lessons. So the answer is to search for driving lessons in your specific town.

For the second question, at Big Tom Driving School we very much believe in encouraging learner drivers to drive in a whole variety of driving conditions, not just driving test routes. So when you are on one of our courses in Grantham, you will get to drive to Peterborough, and vice-versa, because our ethos is “Drive more, to experience more, to learn more”. As such, it really does not matter where you live, a good driving school will be building your confidence and ability in driving in a variety of driving conditions and locations, not just where you live. There is more to this than simply considering – driving lessons near me.

For more information on important considerations on how to learn to drive, check out this video, it could save you heaps of time and money.

Driving Lessons

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3 Essentials for a Good Driving Lesson in Bourne

3 Things You Must Do To Have A Good Driving Lesson in Bourne.

Here are our 3 golden nuggets of information to remember to get a good driving lesson in Bourne:

  1. driving_lesson_bourneLess vision, less speed. Take a look at this video to see how this key concept works.  The image you can see on this blog of a street on a driving lesson in Bourne is an example of how the low sun, early in the morning in the winter months, can seriously reduce your vision.  Only this morning, in a quiet residential area in Bourne there was a very loud thud of metal on metal, where the driver of a car, travelling to work first thing, smashed into a parked vehicle in the road.  The driver literally did not see the parked car due to the brightly glaring low sun on a February morning.   If you cannot see, no matter how momentary, come off the gas, and cover the brake pedal  – you have absolutely no idea what is in front of you.  How can you keep driving on the gas pedal when you cannot see in front?

  2. Look out for double hazards.  It is pretty amazing how often a hazard is very often followed up by another hazard when driving, and Bourne is no different.  Remember, a hazard is something that makes you change direction and/or speed.  There are the double mini-roundabouts near the Tesco garage, there are the crossroads on the double bend near Bourne Abbey CofE Primary Academy, and there is the pedestrian crossing near to the long line of parked cars in North Street.  This is a good driving habit to get in to, looking beyond the first hazard.  Watch this video to see this in action.

  3. Pay attention to the detail.  Very, very easy to get carried away on a driving lesson in Bourne, driving many miles, but not to a particularly good standard.  Take a look at this video here for an example of practising turning right at junctions in Elsea Park – this is the detail you should be striving for.  Getting into the habit of doing a lot of driving to a not particularly good standard is not great for your progress, so pay attention to the detail, it is a case of quality over quantity.

These are our 3 essentials for ensuring you get a good driving lesson in Bourne.

For more information on driving lessons in Bourne link up to our Google page HERE.

Driving Lessons Grantham



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5 Things You Must Do on a Driving Lesson in Grantham

Here are our Top 5 tips for your driving lesson in Grantham

This blog gives 5 essential tips for learning to drive during a driving lesson in Grantham.

file0001011985902Whether you are having a driving lesson in Grantham with a Driving Instructor or with friends/family there are some essential things to do so that you maximise the learning experience.

  1. Set a goal.  Sounds obvious but you will be surprised how many don’t set a goal for the driving lesson. Try to keep it achievable within the timescale that you have, and also be specific with it. So rather than setting a goal of “roundabouts”, be more specific and set a goal such as “practise how to make use of using traffic from the left to my advantage” (see this video here as an example of this technique  )
  2. Give careful thought to where you will be driving. This needs to be very much in tune with your goal for the session. There is nothing quite as demoralising as picking the wrong location for your intended goal.  You could be 30 minutes into a fabulous session of driving, and have all that good work and sense of achievement dashed in less than a minute if you end up trying to drive in a location that is well beyond your current ability.
  3. Once in a while… chill.  Sounds crazy, but you might be surprised how beneficial this can be at times. Plan in what I call “Murray moments” – have a bag of Murray mints in the car (or your favourites) and take just a minute or two to pause, chill, reflect, discuss, plan, review – although only a short pause, it will be time well spent.
  4. Enjoy it! There are practical things that you can do to help this happen. Feeling pressure from trying to do too much, too soon, for too long makes for a stressful time for you and the person supervising your driving. Making your learning experience enjoyable means doing things the way you want – we are all different, we all learn in different ways, and this is all about you!
  5. Last but by no means least is track your progress. Review if you enjoyed the session, what were the good things and the not so good. What can you do next time to maximise the learning experience. Don’t underestimate how satisfying and indeed important it is to know how you are progressing towards being a safe and independent driver.

Plan in these Top 5 tips in your driving lesson in Grantham to get the most value of your time.     

Click HERE for more info on Driving Lessons in Grantham.

Driving Lessons Grantham



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Changing the Driving Test Date

How to Change the Driving Test Date

This blog explains the process involved in changing a driving test date.

Driving Test DateThe Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) website is the best place to go for booking and changing your driving test dates.  Here is the LINK..  There are organisations that provide the same service but can charge more, for no extra benefit.  You can change a driving test date either on the phone, or online completely free of charge.

You are able to change your driving test date up to 6 times without financial penalty, but do be aware that you must give them a clear 3 (working) day notice.  Make sure you don’t get caught out on that; informing them on a Friday about wanting to change the test for the following Monday is NOT 3 working days notice.

At Big Tom Driving School, we pay careful attention to the proper timing of a driving test.  Too soon, and even if you were to pass the test, you might feel very uncomfortable and nervous about driving independently following the test.  Too late, and you will be wasting your money on driving lessons you do not need.  We have a very easy and precise process that we go through to test your readiness for safe independent driving, post test; it enables us and very importantly YOU to see first hand, what your driving ability is in a variety of different driving conditions.  This process that has been uniquely developed for our customers has proven to be very beneficial for developing confidence, and improving readiness for the driving test. Although people often treat the driving test like an academic exam, with last minute swotting, it is worth emphasising that you are learning a life skill that will very likely be used every single day after passing the driving test.

Whilst the experience of a failed driving test should not be a waste of your time and money, at Big Tom Driving School, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service and value, by paying attention to aligning your driving test date to your confidence and ability. Ultimately though, every person who wishes to take the driving test in the UK has the right to use their own vehicle for the purposes of taking the driving test (subject to certain conditions on type of vehicle set by the DVSA and also subject to having insurance arranged for that purpose).

It is understandable why people will be keen to go to test as soon as possible, but it should be borne in mind that according to DVSA statistics, the national average pass rate is just under 50% with only very slight differences for the gender of the candidate, and the FIRST TIME pass rate is lower still. As such, the evidence does tend to suggest, that the majority of people are attempting the driving test too soon. Further evidence from viewing the BBC 3 series “Barely legal driving” does also question how ready some people are for driving independently after passing the driving test. Another mark of the standard of driving post-test is reflected in the very high premiums demanded to insure vehicles. The DVSA state that statistically, 1 in 5 newly qualified drivers will have an accident within 2 years of passing the driving test.

Check out our FAQ’s HERE.

Driving Lessons


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