Change driving test date

How To Change Your Driving Test Date

This blog gives details of how to change the driving test date, this is important to know because some driving test centres have a 2 month waiting list (and more), and that is not too convenient for most people. The beauty with knowing this is that you can initially book up a test slot with the DVSA, in the knowledge that when you have completed your course of driving lessons, it is possible to arrange a more appropriate date.

My customers on their intensive driving courses use the following service all the time, it really works. Remember, you cannot book up your practical test until you have passed the theory test, as part of the process is to provide your pass certificate number.

So once you have passed your theory test, book up your practical test (I’ve put a link for that on another blog). If it then turns out that you are test ready much sooner than your test, you can pull the date forward by either ringing 0300 200 1122 or online via this link 

If you check my Facebook page out, you will see one of my customers recently did precisely this, and within half an hour of calling the number pulled her test forward more than a month!

The reason you are able to change the driving test date in this way is because someone else has cancelled their test for whatever reason, and you have taken their slot. These cancellations come up all the time, all the time! You will very often get a result with a little patience and perseverance.

This is a free service available to everyone and requires no special authority to do it. I hope that has taken the mystery out of how to change the driving test date. You can change it up to 6 times maximum, and you must provide 3 clear working days notice if you are changing it to a LATER date rather than pulling it forward.

Change the driving test date

Change the driving test date