Continued learning

Online learning offers superb opportunities for people to do courses and webinars.

As it stands, we are all a couple of weeks into this lockdown period and it is an ideal time to maximise learning opportunities while staying safe at home.  As can be seen here, owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram completed a First Aid Awareness online course specifically aimed for when he is providing driving training in the car.

BIG TOM can also provide online learning at this time, for free, to help people learning to drive.  The subjects covered include:

Theory and Hazard Perception Test training

Use of videos to help with reversing manoeuvres

Theory of approaching roundabouts, reading traffic signs, identifying hazards, assessing the correct speed to drive at

…… and lots more.

These online sessions also offer the opportunity for pupils and parents to ask a qualified DVSA driving instructor questions relating to the suspension of driving lessons due to this lockdown.

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