Driving after you pass your driving test

 It is challenging when a newly qualified driver discovers the lonely feeling they have when driving unsupervised having passed their driving test. Up until this point a driving instructor has been on hand to give directions, help plan training schedules. It is reassuring.

At BIG TOM we are very aware of this fact and help prepare our pupils for driving post-test. A key advantage of the BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course is the 4-hour structure. It enables pupils to continually practice the transition between different modes of driving, eg coming off a dual-carriageway immediately within residential areas or towns. The duration of traditional pay as you go driving lessons restricts the ability to experience driving between varying conditions.

For example, it is common for pupils on BIG TOM courses to deliberately choose to drive to a town like Grantham via rural, B roads. Once there, practice navigating around on even thinner unclassified roads between villages. Then plan in a well earned BIG TOM pit stop where you can practice real-life parking up in a McDonalds or Costa car park for example, and make use of the free refreshments provided on the course.

Next, you can practice coming on and off the A1 both northbound and southbound or perhaps some town driving.
Transitioning seamlessly between different modes of driving is a skill; practice makes permanent. Keeping things safe, legal and empowering for our pupils. Building confidence in a systematic, methodical manner and allowing our pupils to own the learning process.


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