Driving Assessment For Elderly Drivers

BIG TOM Driving School provides a no stress, driving assessment for elderly drivers, and there are loads of benefits as can be seen in this blog, to remove any uncertainty in your driving ability.

Our driving assessment service (0800 689 4174) is really useful for providing a non-pressured opportunity for a professional driving trainer to take a look at the ability to drive in the driving conditions of today. Things change over time; our roads are getting busier, the volume and the pace of traffic is increasing, road law evolves, the nature of the road design change and with regards to us, our reactions, ability to forward plan, eyesight, hearing and spatial awareness can alter over time. This can cause uncertainty, loss of confidence, anxiety and can even stop some people from driving anymore so they lose their freedom, independence and mobility.

It is natural that some drivers will have concerns about how well they are able to drive safely and efficiently on the roads of today. It can be very reassuring to our customers and their family members, that an expert on safe driving techniques and modern driving methodology provides an assessment and points out the good aspects of driving as well as the areas for improvement. This is not a test, our customers have no desire to feel like they are being tested, and we respect that point of view. However, it should not be under-estimated how beneficial it is for a non-family member or friend, to have an entirely independent but professional observation of the driving competences.

In the assessment, time is set aside for an instant de-brief of the assessment, this is usually done over a cup of tea or coffee, and the key points that are raised are later sent through to the customer via a report which is either posted or emailed. The end result is that our customers are reminded of any details that may have been forgotten over time such as how to set up the side mirrors for effective observations, or ideal distances between vehicles and they are also kept right up to date with more modern driving requirements such as how to deal with large roundabouts, or new rules relating to the Highway Code.

The route taken on the assessment is carefully selected to offer a range of driving conditions, and there is time factored in to the session for a convenience break.

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