Driving Instructor in Bourne Providing Free Motorway Sessions

Tom Ingram (Driving Instructor from Bourne) with BIG TOM Driving School has been providing free motorway sessions to all pupils who take driving lessons in Bourne. Here is the feedback from one ex-pupil Lucy.

Lucy Richings from Bourne took driving lessons with BIG TOM Driving School (0800 689 4174 ) and passed her driving test, on her first attempt at Grantham Driving Test Centre. She made use of the free motorway session and says:

β€œJust wanted to say a massive thank you for our motorway driving session! It allowed me to have some experience on a motorway with a qualified instructor so that I am confident driving on them πŸ™‚ thank you! I would thoroughly recommend Big Tom Driving School as he is very patient and is an excellent teacher! And I would suggest taking the offer of a motorway session after you have passed with Tom as it gives you a great experience with Tom there to guide you πŸ™‚ thank you! β€œ Lucy Richings from Bourne

Tom who has been a Driving Instructor in Bourne for over 3 years says:

β€œIt is rather odd that legally, I am not allowed to take pupils on motorways in my driving lessons in Bourne. Especially when you consider that, as it stands at the moment, the maximum speed limits between motorways and dual-carraigeways are the same for car drivers. This service I offer is nothing new, I have been offering this free service to my customers after they pass their driving test for several years such as when I was giving driving lessons in Peterborough. The motorway sessions always, always prove to be very popular – it just gives my previous customers the chance to drive on it for the first time with a qualified driving instructor by their side. It also gives me the opportunity to thank them for their business in a way that not all driving instructors currently provide free of charge. There has been much talk about the Government changing legislation to lift this rather unusual legal prohibition for Learner drivers, and I hope that does eventually come through. I keep my fingers crossed, as I’m sure many Learners and driving instructors do too!” Tom Ingram from BIG