Driving Lessons Grantham

Driving Lessons in Grantham

The Driving Test Centre in Grantham was tucked away in a densely packed residential area, in Cecil Street NG31 9AQ if you want to look it up. 

What this means for Learners taking their driving lessons in Grantham is that they must be properly prepared right from the off, to drive to the conditions.  Now that is a term you hear quite a lot on the BIG TOM intensive driving course in Grantham 01476 850 050 , and it is sometimes worth thinking about what it really means.

Although the following video is not Cecil Street, it is a pretty close resemblance with parked cars both sides.  Take a look at the video HERE (it’s only a minute or 2 long) and listen to a little tip that is given on it about the relationship between vision, speed and time.

This is a key skill.  And it really is important, because in Grantham, once you get out that Test Centre car park, you are in amongst some pretty hazardous driving conditions, where anticipating vulnerable road users is essential.  But if your speed is legal but still too fast, you are not giving yourself a fighting chance to do that necessary anticipation.

Since this blog was published, things evolve and the Grantham Test Centre has been located to the A52, near the TA Barracks – more different driving conditions from the previous location you would struggle to find!  The previous test centre in Cecil Street still remains though, there is even (unconfirmed) talk about returning to it for logistical reasons to do with running driving tests.  Time will tell!

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