Driving lessons questions

BIG TOM Admin publishes the answers to some of the more common questions being asked.

    • When are you going to be working again? It is not known at the moment.  It still remains the case to be illegal to provide driving lessons for non-critical workers in this lockdown.
    • What about a driving test that I had booked before lockdown?  The DVSA has cancelled all outstanding driving tests.  It is not clear when examiners are going to be returning to work.
    • And theory tests?  Theory tests are being cancelled by the DVSA on a weekly basis.  Tests from 22 June 3 July are the latest to have been cancelled.
    • Can I take lessons with my parents?  It really is a decision for each family to take because circumstances are different.
    • I’m a key worker – can I book a course with you?  The DVSA are allowing driving training to occur for what they call critical workers.  It is best to check with them that you qualify to have this kind of training as there are conditions attached.
    • Is it ok to book a course with BIG TOM for when the restriction is lifted? Yes we are offering a priority service for customers who pre-book, they get first allocation on training.
    • Can you guarantee that I’ll get a driving test soon after my course? When it comes to the subject of driving test availability, it is important to say that no driving schools across the UK have any idea at the moment how the DVSA intend to run the tests.  Will there be less examiners working per day?  Will they run less tests to accommodate social distancing?  No-one knows and there really is little point speculating.  Due to the suspension of tests since March, suffice to say, there is going to be huge demand for tests.  We are offering all customers post-lockdown a free 2 hour refresher as standard, just in case there is any delay between finishing the course and the test date.
    • Are there any dangers involved in continuing driving lessons after the lockdown? This is why BIG TOM is waiting to hear from the experts before resuming training as we intend to ensure safety standards are maintained.
    • Are you open for training in the school holidays?  We would like to think so but quite honestly, at this moment in time, no-one knows when we are returning.  Some customers are already booking up courses with us, so that as the lockdown lifts, they get to be trained first.
    • Is it required for me to have passed my theory test before booking with you?  No, we have some excellent resources for people who are studying for the theory test, Tom has provided some theory study questions and answer videos.  Don’t forget that with BIG TOM, the theory test fee and TWO practical test fees are covered in the course price as standard.

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