Driving Lessons Spalding

Driving Lessons in Spalding

Spalding town has it’s fair share of tight and narrow roads.  Anyone who has taken driving lessons in Spalding will tell you, as you get nearer the centre it gets more and more dense.

#gooddrivinghabits is a term you hear quite a lot on your BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course in Spalding (01775 660 525), and it is sometimes worth thinking about what it really means.  Take St. Thomas’s Road in Spalding as a classic example, near Spalding Grammar School.  Now that needs some attention.

Although the following video is not St. Thomas’s Road, it is a pretty close resemblance with parked cars both sides.  Take a look at the video HERE (it’s only a minute or 2 long) and listen to a little tip that is given on it about the relationship between vision, speed and time.

This is a key skill.  And it really is important, because in Spalding, you are in amongst some pretty hazardous driving conditions at times, where anticipating vulnerable road users is essential.  If your speed is legal but still too fast, you are not giving yourself a fighting chance to do that necessary anticipation.

We introduce to you loads of useful tips and techniques like this on your intensive driving course in Spalding.  They are ideally suited for people who need to get their driving licence faster.

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