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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 14/11/15

Your local driving school in Bourne (01778 309773) gives you all the motoring info around your area…


  • The driver who was seriously injured in a crash involving a 97 yr old driving the wrong way up a Peterborough dual-carraigeway is likely to remain in hospital over Christmas. A friend has opened a fund to help the injured lady who has 2 young children of 7 and 4 years of age.
  • Thurlby Parish Council are requesting that the LCC Highways traffic survey scheduled in the Spring 2016 of the A15 Horseshoe and Waterside junctions be brought forward.
  • New parking provisions and updates to pedestrian crossings costing £400,000 have been completed in Central Avenue, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough.
  • A 20 yr old male driver from Surfleet was given a 12 week jail term, 150 hours unpaid work community order, banned from driving for 2 yrs, £165 fine and an extended driving test order from Boston Magistrates Court. He caused a head on crash while dangerously overtaking a bus on London Road, Boston.
  • A lorry overturned on Saturday 7/11/15 on the Fletton Parkway, Peterborough near the Hampton turning.
  • A car was set ablaze in the early hours of 8/11/15 in Benland, Bretton, Peterborough, and a scooter was set alight on Tuesday just after mid-night in Fulbridge Road, Peterborough.
  • Yesterday a driver from Whittlesey was handed a 20 month driving ban at Peterborough Magistrates Court after driving into a ditch and being found to be over twice the drink drive limit. Fined £785.
  • In 2014, a record 40,000 tonnes of grit were used to treat Lincolnshire roads.
  • BIG TOM Driving School in Bourne are offering interested parties in becoming driving instructors to come forward. LINK HERE.
  • The new red “ER” signs being seen cropping up on the A52, A17, A16 and A151 at Grantham, Bourne, Spalding, Grantham, Long Sutton are flood evacuation route signs. Due to the 2013 floods, LCC emergency planners have identified the best roads to use in the event of evacuating homes, and erected these distinctive red signs at a cost of £105,000.
  • On Tuesday 10/11/15 2 women were injured after a 2 car crash on A607 nr Peashill Lane, Harlaxton.
  • Pip Dunn arranged an enormous DAF truck to be parked at Ayscoughfee Hall School for Yr 6 children to appreciate the size of a bike in comparison to it for their Bikeability training.


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