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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 17/10/15

Your local driving school in Bourne gives you all the motoring info around your area…


  • An inquest was held into the death of a 93 yr old male who died after a collision on the A15 just south of Sugar Mill roundabout, Bourne. The coroner concluded that it was “more rather than less likely” that it was as a result of cardiac problems just prior to the collision.
  • The inquest into the death of a 49 yr old male who was trapped and died when a forklift truck he was driving tipped over, concluded it had been an accident, probably due to the forklift truck driving over a tyre. The driver had not been wearing a seat belt at the time, it is not known if he tried to intentionally jump from the cab as the truck tipped over or whether he was thrown from the cab involuntarily.
  • Vehicle left the A151 at Twenty and drove into a ditch at 1.30am last Sunday – no injury to driver.
  • A male pedestrian (20 yrs) suffered serious head and chest injuries on Sunday evening, after being hit by a car, while he walked across the zebra crossing near Sainsbury’s in Oxney Road, Peterborough.
  • Two vehicle collision on A15 near Aslackby just after 8.30pm last Saturday. Two people had to be cut free by fire crews.
  • A further application has been received to demolish the old Lord Nelson pub at Morton on the A15 and build a shop. The initial application was rejected on the grounds of causing traffic congestion on an already hazardous crossroads junction; it was appealed and subsequently rejected again by a planning inspector. There has now been a second application lodged. Councillors have decided to defer a decision and commission an independent traffic survey to give more data on the possible impact a shop would have on the traffic. They have also requested representation from the LCC, the Principal Highways Officer, to give further information on the option of traffic lights at the crossroads. This was the option previously recommended by the LCC some time ago now, which the Morton and Hanthorpe Parish Council chose to decline.
  • Male driver (65 yrs) from Spalding is facing drink driving charges after crashing into a telegraph pole in Pennygate on Monday.
  • The court case of a 21 yr old driver from Colsterworth resulted in an 18 month ban and £375 fine. He was discovered asleep in his car on 6/9/15 by Police at 5.15am outside a friends house. The driver stated that the previous evening he had lost his friends while out drinking, and had driven the 1.5 miles to his friends house. The Police did a breath test, and he was twice the legal limit.
  • A female driver in her 90’s died on Tuesday morning having driven the wrong way on the A47 Soke Parkway in Peterborough, and collided with another vehicle head on. The driver of the other vehicle also has serious injuries. It is believed it may have been the birthday of the driver who died. Whilst the collision occurred near the entry slip road on to the parkway, it is not known as yet, why or how the female driver came to be driving in the wrong direction on the dual carriageway.
  • Driving school in Bourne, BIG TOM Driving School continues to seek suitable hard surfaced land for under 17 driving experience, after local farmland in Baston nr Waterside Garden Centre proved unsuccessful. To discuss regular earnings from unused land telephone driving instructor in Bourne, Tom on 0800 689 4174 .
  • A Councillor at Grantham has requested an extension for free 30 mins parking in the town centre to 1 hour in an effort to please shoppers and retail businesses.
  • The funeral for a 19 yr old female student took place at Boston crematorium on Wednesday – she had died after a collision on the A52 on 1/10/15
  • A male driver from Grantham was seen by Police standing outside of his car, with engine running, at the Meres Stadium at 3.45am on 13/9/15. He had denied drinking prior to travelling to the The Meres but a bottle of whiskey was discovered in the footwell. Disqualified from driving for 20 months and £570 fine.
  • LCC is considering piloting a school safety scheme whereby a van installed with cctv will monitor parking outside the county schools at pick up/drop off times.
  • A driver made off after hitting a pedestrian at the mini-roundabout on the A1175 and A1621 at Stamford on 9/9/15 – Police are appealing for witnesses who may have possibly seen a dark Audi concerned.
  • Grantham Magistrates court heard a case involving a 19 yr old student from Baston, who was driving home at 5am on 4/9/15 when his car broke down on the A15 near Market Deeping. He started walking home, but was offered a lift by a passing motorist who drove him home, but noticed the student had what looked like 2 guns in his back pockets, and called Police. They were in fact bb guns, but Police breathalysed the male and he was over the limit. Disqualified for 12 months, £375 fine.
  • A 34 yr old male driver overtook an unmarked police vehicle on the A1 and clocked doing 120mph. When stopped near Foston, on 12/9/15 he was found to be over the drink drive limit. Banned for 18 months, fined £510.

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