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Driving School in Bourne – weekly update 6/11/15

Your local driving school in Bourne (01778 309773) gives you all the motoring info around your area…


  • A 48 yr old male from Thurlby who sped from Police in Bourne, and subsequently was found to be drink driving has been jailed. He was driving unsupervised on a provisional driving licence and had over 50 previous driving convictions inc drink driving and driving while disqualified. Jailed for 12 months and banned from driving for 3 yrs.
  • Drivers are being urged to refrain from undertaking gritters by using the hard shoulder after video footage warns of an increasing trend of impatience by drivers.
  • Ruskington resident is charged for drink driving after veering off the road and hitting a house in Sutterton.
  • Locals of Cowbit Road, Spalding continue to complain of speed motorists who come off the A16 bypass and drive onto the Cowbit Road but do not reduce their speed despite it being a 30mph restriction.
  • Firecrews had to use specialist equipment to release a lady in her 60’s who was trapped under a Mitsubishi Colt at Oxney Road Sainsburys car park, Peterborough on Thursday evening.
  • An inquest into the death of a Bourne man who while driving collided with a skip lorry on the A15 in April has been inconclusive in its findings. Whilst there were traces of cocaine in his body, it is unknown as to why he veered from the southbound lane into the path of the lorry travelling north, just after the Market Deeping roundabout. A dog also in the car at the time died as a result of the accident. The vehicle had been travelling at 45mph south through Baston, and the driver of the lorry had seen that the man who died did have 2 hands on the steering wheel but his head was looking down immediately before the crash. It is unknown whether his actions were deliberate due to depression with the prospect of a likely prison sentence for a pending court case.
  • BIG TOM Driving School in Bourne announces Customer Charter
  • 23 yr old female resident from Sleaford drove off at speed to avoid a Police Officer taking her car key from the ignition with the Officer still leaning inside the drivers window. Banned from driving for 12 months, £210 fine and tagged for 4 weeks.
  • 38 yr old male from Bourne was found guilty of driving without insurance or MOT – 6 points on his driving licence and £811 fine. Another 38 yr old male from Bourne admitted to speeding and was fined £145 and 3 points added to his driving licence. A 19 yr old male from Baston was convicted for drink driving, fined £375 and banned from driving for 12 months.
  • The A15 between Aslackby and Folkingham was closed on Thursday due to a 7 vehicle collision including a motorbike. A large quantity of oil was spilt as a result and Police are attempting to identify the cause of the accident.
  • Fletton Parkway in Peterborough (westbound) was closed for nearly 3 hrs this morning (Friday) after a Vauxhall Opel veered into the central reservation for reason not yet known, causing a large oil spillage.
  • A male driver suffered serious injuries requiring immediate specialist roadside A&E care after driving off the A52 nr Ropsley and hitting a tree.
  • A road rage incident in Spalding results in a driver of a van reversing and hitting another driver and making off.
  • A male suffered neck injury after a 2 vehicle accident in Holbeach at 3.55am on Wednesday.


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