Driving Test Centre Pass Marks

Latest figures for 2015-2016

The very latest update of driving test statistics has just been released by the DVSA, here is a summary relevant (by locations) for BIG TOM Driving School customers.

The number of driving tests conducted for April 2015 – March 2016 remains equal with the year before at 1,500,000.  The overall pass rate also remains constant at around 47%.  Of those 1,500,000 driving tests, 732,000 were 1st attempts, so there was an overall pass rate for people taking their driving test for the first time of 47.5%.

Driving test pass rate statistics continue to vary dramatically across the UK; from just 30% in Belvedere, London all the way up to a staggering 88% pass rate in Isle of Mull.

The figures for the driving test centres that BIG TOM customers use are as follows.  Melton Mowbray continues to have the highest pass rate at 61.3% with a 63.3% pass rate for first attempters.  Boston is at 53.5% pass rate, then Grantham at 51.1%, Lincoln at 49.2% and Peterborough continues the historical tradition of being the bottom of the bunch at 46.9%.  Due to the varied quantities of driving tests taking place at these driving test centres, one consequence of these latest figures is that on average, more than twice the amount of people who took a driving test in Melton Mowbray failed their test at Peterborough, which just goes to demonstrate how low pass rates at the busy driving test centres really does affect outcomes for a great many people.

Tom Ingram from BIG TOM Driving School gave the following response to these latest statistics:

“These driving test pass rates continue to be appallingly low and one has to wonder if the industry will ever make serious changes to the system we use in the UK so that a more accurate reflection of the hard efforts made in driving instruction by professional instructors will one day be shown in its true light.  However, as happens every year, one cannot deny that there is clearly an element of postcode lottery relating to where a candidate chooses to go to test.  Here at BIG TOM Driving School, we have always left that choice to our customers.”

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