Driving test pass in 4 days


Anthony Coe from Grantham has passed his driving test in 4 days

From the time of booking his BIG TOM intensive driving course to obtaining his driving licence was only 3 weeks and he received a tidy £30 discount due to his age.  His previous driving experience before the course was only 10 hours with friends/family.  He passed his driving test today in Grantham with just 4 faults recorded.

His driving instructor Tom Ingram says:

“An incredible achievement from Anthony.  To pass his driving test on his first attempt having had so little previous driving experience is a real credit to him.  I think this just proves how trusted and reliable the intensive course is for getting results for Anthony and my other customers.  I know that this quick result is life changing for his family and his work prospects.  He can now get on with his life with a full driving licence.” 

Anthony says of his experience with BIG TOM:

“Big Tom’s course is fantastic!”


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