We are very pleased to be able to report that the good news continues for Peterborough residents who want to get their driving licence quicker by using the BIG TOM intensive course.

Today, there are two driving test slots available at Peterborough Driving Test Centre at 11.11hrs and 13.35hrs tomorrow – yes, TOMORROW!  And this is just further evidence that the actions of the DVSA are proving to be successful in creating more driving test capacity.

This is great news to be able to report because it means that our popular ‘Two Test Guarantee’ is particularly beneficial should you not be successful on your first attempt. “All-inclusive” customers receive not one but two driving test attempts included in the quoted price – we do not leave you with any nasty surprises of hidden costs. If a customer of ours needs another go at the driving test, then BIG TOM Admin get to work on the customer’s behalf to find another test slot at short notice.

So make sure if you are ringing around getting quotes for your intensive driving course, that you know precisely what is included in the price that is being quoted.

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