Five reasons for an intensive driving course

Here you go! 5 top reasons why you would want the BIG TOM intensive driving course rather than *yawn* pay as you go driving lessons.

  1. Boring boring boring. Do you know it takes on average 7 months to learn to drive?  BIG TOM will help you pass your driving test much quicker, often within just 4 weeks of booking.
  2.  Clear goals.  Training with BIG TOM is exciting, focussed and you have a clear goal in mind.
  3. Confidence.  Trying to maintain confidence levels when you have so many delays, postponements, cancellations is really irritating.
  4. Experience.  On the BIG TOM intensive course, you get to drive in loads of towns, villages and cities… even across county borders.
  5.  Trust. Do you really trust your driving instructor? Many don’t. Working to achieve clear goals with timely feedback builds trust.

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