Congratulations to Tom from Spalding for passing his driving test this morning in Boston Driving Test Centre after completing a  40 hour BIG TOM Intensive Driving Course.

Tom started his course on 13/03/23 and comfortably passed his mock test yesterday with 5 minors. He then went on today to pass his actual driving test on the first attempt, with 4 minors.  Part of the service customers can rely on with the BIG TOM intensive course is a very realistic mock test that is accurately graded.

Special mention goes to Tom for overcoming some pretty tough difficulties while he was training. He has previously been medically diagnosed with developmental disability/disorder and learning difficulties including ADHD, autism, processing speed, dyslexia and also has trouble at times containing his temper. But as this example demonstrates, one of the benefits with the quality of resources provided to BIG TOM customers, is that challenges of this nature still do not prevent successful outcomes.

He also made use of the flexibility that these courses provide. His first week of training was in the evenings so that he could continue to work.  He drove around in several different towns/cities on his course, and built up a lot of experience driving in unfamiliar locations and differing weather conditions.

His driving instructor is the owner of the driving school, Tom Ingram who says:

“I am really very pleased for Tom, I know how much gaining this full driving licence will mean for his working life and private life. I am particularly happy today to see that all of his effort has paid off, and he passed his test with ease.

But, I hope that this is a good example to anyone else who perhaps suffers with these challenging personal circumstances. Together, Tom and I worked really effectively together, and I have full respect for Tom in managing the difficulties that he has over the last two weeks. It has not been an easy journey for him, and at times, he has had to dig deep and discover coping mechanisms and techniques to overcome problems.

At all times, without exception, Tom and I have managed to keep our training sessions safe, constructive, positive and clearly very effective at achieving the goal. Turning things around from start to finish in just 16 days is an amazing achievement and I will remember Tom’s smile after he passed his test today, for a very long time.”

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