Congratulations go to James from Rutland for passing his driving test after completing his BIG TOM intensive driving course.

James contacted BIG TOM back in early November having done some driving training 7 years ago. He had already booked up a driving test for 24/11/23 in Grantham and he needed to pass his driving test so he could progress his important personal goals in the near future. So the objective was very clear when speaking with James. He received his pre-driving resources to help him prepare for the driving training. These resources are provided to all customers regardless of previous driving experience. After careful consultation, he bought a 25 hour intensive course starting 13/11/23 and finishing 20/11/23. He wanted to do 5 separate sessions of 5 hours duration with little gaps for reflection in between. He decided to meet up with his trainer for each session at Grantham train station.

It was very apparent from the start of his in-car training that James needed some guidance on the depth of training required to ensure he was being trained for driving post-test not just to pass the driving test. So there were conversations such as can be seen here in this video  

It is not unusual for this situation to crop up, despite this being covered in the pre-driving training resources, and as is shown in the above video with care and attention it is possible to ensure that trainee and trainer are aligned in the required standards being worked towards. This is in stark contrast to only providing driving training to pass a driving test which is something that BIG TOM does not get involved in. This is also a very good example of why professional driving training can be so much more benefit to only receiving training with friends and family. Private practice can be quite limited in the scope of the training, whereas on a BIG TOM intensive driving course, it is the DVSA Driving Standard that sets the scope of the topics covered.

When James concluded his course he decided to go to test using his own private car which in the UK, is an option for everyone, and passed his test in Grantham. Congratulations go to James for achieving his goal. This is another example where BIG TOM is able to provide high-quality driving training for pupils who have a varied starting point. James received his full driving licence just 11 days after starting his driving training with BIG TOM.