Help I failed my driving test


What to do if you have just failed your driving test.

Whilst no-one likes to plan to fail the driving test, if it were to happen it’s nice to know what to do. This blog from BIG TOM Driving School (0800 689 4174 ) gives you some practical advice of the do’s and don’ts if you do fail your driving test.

Here is a very handy BIG TOM video on the subject Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to see more helpful videos like this one.

But let’s consider some practical advice:

  • Unless you really don’t want them there, always ask your driving instructor to observe your driving test. Let them see with their own eyes what actually happens – they will be in a better position to then assist.
  • Always allow your driving instructor to be present at the de-brief with the examiner after the driving test – sometimes very helpful little snippets of information come from examiners that you might not pick up.
  • As the BIG TOM video suggests, attempt to “root-cause” why a ‘serious or dangerous’ driving fault occurred. THIS IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE EXAMINER, and may not always be quite so apparent which is another reason why it’s good to have your driving instructor observe the test.
  • Avoid just booking up another driving test without any professional assistance at all. Whilst it might be instinctive to simply put it down to nerves, if you were to fail again, you are beginning to dig yourself into a deep hole. It is often surprising how confidence can be so affected after failing the driving test a few times.
  • Make use of mock tests, and consider asking a different instructor to see your driving and give their opinion. Test day is costly, it can be wise to invest before automatically booking another test.

We hope this blog and BIG TOM video helps you if you have failed your driving test, and sets you on a path to obtaining your full driving licence. If you have any questions or simply want to tell us that it is helpful, please add it down below – this feedback is important to us.

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