Meet Sally, our virtual customer. See her diary entries for deciding on how to learn to drive.

4th Jan Fed up with driving lessons. Done 18 now, it’s taking so long and I’m getting bored with it. Why does it have to take this long? Is this normal? I get on ok with the instructor, kind of, he is pleasant enough, but I don’t get the impression that he really knows why I’m learning to drive. I need wheels fast! I’m 24, searching around for jobs like crazy, and as soon as they realise I don’t have a licence, that’s it…the end. But it has taken four months just to get where I am now. It is so infuriatingly slow. I’m also sick and tired of getting on buses and trains, I feel like I’m just asking to catch covid again.

8th Jan Been googling stuff because a friend mentioned to me about intensive driving courses. Never heard of them but sure enough, there are a few places that do them. There’s one that caught my eye, the first one that came up as it happens, big tom. I like some of the reviews, looks like people just like me. Need to do more digging. Meanwhile, got a driving lesson tomorrow.

10th Jan Have just filled out a little questionnaire on the big tom site – apparently they help me to decide if I should continue with my driving lessons or think about intensive. So much for my driving lesson yesterday… instructor cancelled again – childcare…again.

11th Jan Got the green light from big tom! They gave me some brilliant feedback. It’s obvious that they have been doing this a while, they know what they are talking about. I’d love to do it, but need to speak to Dad. Dad will then speak to Mum, and then I will speak to Mum. That’s the plan, it’s all about the timing (which funnily enough is what big tom mentioned too). I know what she’s like though, she will want me to check things out properly. Need to dig some more…. where’s my diggy thing…. SPADE! Where’s my spade? {feeling excited}

15th Jan Ok got some info together for Mum in particular. Dad will be easy. This is all about Operation Smothermother (with facts). Been collecting some:
big tom gives you two tests as standard, I like that.
Saw this review which I thought Mum might like – “you will not be disappointed and is well worth the money”
I do like the idea that big tom mentions about avoiding slow driving lessons which is exactly how I feel – it is just taking too long. They have their own goal to turn things around within four weeks of Mum booking it in – like the positive thinking – she WILL be booking me on this course…FACT
Sounds small but actually, they do come and pick me up which considering I’m trying to avoid buses is quite a big deal considering where I live!
I’m looking at some of the results that this company gets – incredible…
“bagged the 20 hour daytime course last week and passed her driving test on the first attempt just 3 days later”
“started training on the 12/08/2020 where we organised the travel arrangements to take a theory test and he passed his practical driving test today just 13 days later. ”
“Thank you! I didn’t get any of this stuff from my last instructor!”
“purchased the BIG TOM weekend intensive driving course on the 14/02/2020 and has got his driving licence less than four weeks later”
So excited….. I can just tell this is for me.

19th Jan Didn’t quite go as I was hoping with Mum. Dad was a breeze (no surprise there…. good old Dad). Mum asked a few awkward questions that I couldn’t answer which is a bit frustrating seeing as I knew she would ask questions. I need to get back to big tom…. good thing is, they really respond fast to my emails.

20th Jan Asked my instructor today how long he thinks these driving lessons are going to take. “Good question” he said. Yea, and the answer? “These things take as long as it takes”. OMG! Is he kidding me?! On the positive side of things though, emailing big tom is so helpful…. they are fast but don’t put any pressure on me {I like that}

21st Jan Just read about a big tom customer who had 6 previous goes at the driving test and failed. She goes with big tom and after the course passes first time. What? Whaaaattttt?! {crazyworldwelivein}

23rd Jan I think I need to get Mum to look at the big tom customer reviews. So many customers say that they’ve been with others and wish they’d gone with big tom earlier. I need Mum to see these, there are too many people saying the same thing.

24th Jan Turns out Mum has been looking at the big tom website – I had a really great chat with Mum today. I think I can bin these crap driving lessons soon – Mum smiled at me today… I think I’ve done good finding big tom!

28th Jan I like the amount of stuff you receive before booking. I’ve now got a plan of how many hours to do the big tom intensive course, and they give flexible days and times, so it fits my diary perfectly. Can answer all Mum’s questions now! {veryhappy}

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