Help learning to drive

A helping hand.

Are you feeling worried, frustrated or confused about learning to drive?  BIG TOM driving school offers plenty of pre-booking support to help you.  David from Sleaford also felt the pressure of needing to learn to drive for a new job.  This is what he says about his BIG TOM two week intensive driving course:

“I did the BIG TOM 2 week intensive course as I was due to start a new job which required a driving licence. I cannot recommend Tom highly enough, he has a wonderful ability to put you at ease and he really let me take control of my own learning.
He focussed on making sure I was a confident, competent driver and not just focusing on scraping a pass.
The 2nd week was all about confidence and refinement of my skills & his honesty really helped in making sure I was more than prepared for test day.
Fantastic course, top guy, couldn’t recommend any higher.

It is very natural to feel emotional when there is a need to learn to drive but for whatever reason, it isn’t going how you want it to go.  Take control of the situation, call the BIG TOM advice line on 0800 689 4174 and let us start relieving you of some of that pressure you are feeling.

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