How a driving test can go

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Ria from Peterborough took her driving test this morning, on a Sunday morning in Boston and passed her driving test first time which is great news! In this blog her driving instructor Tom Ingram explains what happened which will be interesting reading if you have a driving test coming up.

“It was a beautiful sunny morning and Ria had decided she wanted me to observe her driving test from the back. All of the following remarks came up in the discussion we had after she had passed on the way back home. When Ria arrived there were two cars already parked up in the car park (belonging to examiners), in two different areas, therefore, limiting the options of how she could reverse park before her driving test. Being well prepared, Ria had experimented with a couple of ways of reverse parking so this was not a problem for her. She mentioned that literally from the moment the examiner came out to greet her, she found that the examiner was extremely stern and pretty frightening in her mannerism and tone.  She was asked to read the number plate of a vehicle through a wire fence before getting in the car.  Once the examiner set up the sat nav in the car, we were off and all was going well until Ria missed an instruction to turn left from the sat nav.  As the examiner was not based at the test centre and just filling in for a Sunday test, she turned to me and asked what the implication of the error meant in terms of how far out we would go.  After I explained it really was quite some diversion, the examiner asked Ria to pull the car over and use a driveway on a bend to reverse into, to turn the car around which she did.  Back on track again, all went well, and Ria’s manoeuvre was a forward bay park in a local retail park which also was successful.  When we returned to the test centre there were 2 cars already in the car park for the next test slot, one of them still parking up which caused us to wait outside for a couple of minutes.  This meant that now there were in total 4 cars parked up in the small car park, in 3 different areas of the car park plus 3 traffic cones blocking empty bays.  Two people were standing in one of the available bays, and so Ria had very little choice but to forward park in between 2 parked cars positioned sharply over to the left of the car park – which she managed after a little shunting.  Ria handled the situation well, but mentioned it was pretty daunting due to the manner in which the examiner conducted the test.  A good result and another first-time pass even when the test did include not one, not two but three manoeuvres.”

This account of a driving test that occurred today just goes to show how things CAN go on a driving test and how there are many factors to the actual assessment that can affect outcomes if they were to distract the candidate.


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