How do I pass a driving test?

Raising standards

One of the key messages to BIG TOM customers has always been to aim high when you are learning to drive.  When people simply ask “How do I pass a driving test?”, they are only considering the standard required on tests rather than real life driving.  Once you have your full driving licence, you could be driving anywhere, even outside the UK so it has always made sense to strive for a good, solid driving ability.  And this philosophy is pertinent to the situation we all find ourselves in these days with restricted driving test availability from the DVSA.  Driving test slots are now like gold dust.  A test fail these days may result in a very long wait for another attempt.  Don’t waste your opportunity by going to test before you are fully ready.  Listen to the advice of your instructor, aim to drive with safety, efficiency and confidence.

The advice we would give all of our customers is to set your goals to a high standard, so that you can take your driving test at any location and pass on the first attempt by truly developing skills for safe driving, rather than concerning yourself with driving test routes.

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