How to be a good driver

The England cricket team show true grit to win at Headingley.

In a breathtaking day of cricket versus Australia, England managed to hold on and win the match after a gruelling spell of batting by Ben Stokes.  Shane Warne in the commentary has made mention of Stokes’ work rate when practising.  Stokes always puts 100% effort into his practice; the frequency, duration and intensity is always high quality.

Owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram says:

“This is a great lesson for pupils learning to drive.  Good quality practice combined with a deep desire to succeed is a winning formula.  Only by putting the hours in practising, can you then rely on good techniques and habits when you are in stressful or high pressure situations such as the driving test.  There really is no substitute for continuous, high quality practice.  BIG TOM offers pupils the opportunity to practice driving in a wide range of locations on their intensive driving course therefore picking up experience of differing driving conditions.”

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