This blog from the admin at BIG TOM shows the options available for intensive driving courses with BIG TOM

An intensive driving course with BIG TOM is structured around an accelerated learning programme.  It is designed for customers who have a desire to pass their driving test quicker than the average 7 months* just like Scott here who passed on Day 5 of his BIG TOM intensive driving course.

Pupils are encouraged to prepare for this programme with the digital resources that are supplied prior to the in-car driving training and the in-car training pack that is posted to them.

It is helpful to be open and truthful with our admin prior to purchasing a course about any previous driving experience so that the right package can be offered to you.  BIG TOM is happy to assist pupils from a wide variety of starting points eg never sat in the driver’s seat before to having had 5 failed test attempts with other driving instructors.

Some customers like to treat the BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course as a foundation for their driving training.  There is no risk with this plan as all customers receive the opportunity of a driving test booking as part of the course.  They may want to go on to train with family members and take their driving test in their own car.  BIG TOM also provides separately purchasable ‘bolt-on sessions’ for customers who complete the foundation course.  These can be booked up from 6am up to 9pm on a weekday so as to allow pupils to also fit in their day to day commitments.

As a general rule, with no previous driving experience, it would be more realistic to purchase the 2 weeks BIG TOM intensive driving course and collect the 17% discount.  There are a range of 2 week courses available, some run in the daytime hours on weekdays, others make use of evenings only, and some courses run at weekends.  They range from £1497 – £1970.

If you have plenty of previous driving experience (10 hours+) then it is perfectly possible to take your driving test on Day 5 of your 5 day course with BIG TOM.  This cannot be guaranteed, however, because, with 10 hours of previous experience, some pupils will progress at different speeds than others.  Rest assured that as a driving school BIG TOM has never had a single accident in the 10 years of assisting pupils, so your safety is our priority.

Customers have the right to choose what they do after their course finishes.  It is risk-free.  They can take the end of course assessment, and focus their driving training with others or, as many do, they can stay with BIG TOM.

*7 months statistic as reported by the DVSA in “PPR828”

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