Knowing if an intensive driving course is right for you is extremely important – it can save you time, money and improve mental wellbeing.

Here at BIG TOM we have been offering customers the standard pay as you go driving lessons and intensive driving courses for years now.  We are well experienced in seeing which pupils perform best with these two different ways of learning to drive.  We never cast judgement on any of our customers, but it is simply a fact that some pupils really do perform better with learning in a way that suits them.

The question is which is the best way for you?  We offer a service to help you discover the best way.  This is the best £25 that you could invest prior to taking driving lessons because it could pay you back 10 times + in a more efficient way to learn to drive.  The point is that we are all unique and what this service offers is to tap into the topics that really make a difference for maximising learning.  Your previous experiences in a car, your learning preferences, your views on how you like to learn best – all of these topics and a whole lot more will help you to discover which is the best way for you to learn to drive.  This can benefit your emotional wellbeing by ensuring that you are learning in the manner that best suits you.

No one likes boring driving lessons that drag on forever.

Who wants to practice in a way that simply doesn’t work for them?

Can you imagine how irritating it would be if you were being held back from making progress?

What if you think you prefer to learn at a slower, steady pace?

What if your memory for detail lends itself to shorter, more intense bursts of learning?

For the nervous or highly anxious, which method would suit best to give you the freedom you desire?


Email “learning4me” here at BIG TOM ( – this will be the most important £25 that you have spent in a long time.  Invest now, save later.

The correct handling of your sensitive data is very important to us, and we pay attention to this responsibility.  Our data privacy policy for your assurance.