Get a whopping 50% off our popular in-car training pack this January to help keep your driving lesson practice safe and enjoyable

Today you can receive the BIG TOM driving training pack for a limited time only for half the normal price. You can demonstrate your safe attitude to learning by bringing it to your driving lessons with parents and friends to guide you and the accompanying driver. It is packed full of useful information that many experienced drivers may have forgotten. For example, does your accompanying driver know that you should be using Mirrors – Signal – Position – Speed – Look as the sequence of driving actions when you approach a hazard? Do you both know how to keep your practice safe and enjoyable by using goal-setting?

january saleLearn about the “5 troublesome teasers” that you can expect to crop up on a typical driving test

Use our traffic light-graded feedback system to recognise the progress you are making

The pack is full of useful illustrations to help you remember key learning points. There is a catchy “forget me not” visual to remind you of the key essentials for actions like reversing. You can see in a very clear graphic what gear you should be in for any given speed. We also guide you in how to make sure the structure of your practice is managing risks and avoiding stress for you and your supervising driver.

You get all of the questions and answers relating to the Show Me/Tell Me section of the driving test.

Have a go at our “Retrieval Grid” designed to help you to remember

Tick off the stages you accomplish when you practice your manoeuvres

Learn in stages with our safety guide for practising on roundabouts

See our recommended method for managing stress and anxiety while driving

Lots of BIG TOM customers have benefitted from using this resource to make the best use of the time they spend practising. This pack can be delivered to your door for the sensational offer price of just £44.50 – there is no added delivery cost to pay and credit card payments are welcome.

The ONLY way to order is to simply email: and tell us you want one of these packs and we will do the rest. The offer is limited to 31/1/24 and available only while stocks last.