Jump the queue

A month ago, we introduced the fast-track, priority customer option for people who are seriously interested in learning to drive as soon as is legal and possible.

This scheme is still available. Customers can purchase a BIG TOM intensive driving course on the understanding that the start time for the in-car driving training is not known. Also, it is not known when the driving test will be made available.
A month on, and both of these situations are still present. The advantage of being a priority customer is that BIG TOM Admin will contact you when the lockdown no longer applies and offer you the course based on the available timings. In effect, you are at the front of the queue – and it may well turn out to be a long queue. If the package that is made available to you does not suit your needs, you get an immediate full refund.

To be at the front of the queue, contact us: admin@BIGTOM.org.uk

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