BIG TOM is pleased to announce another enhanced service for customers – remote booking of training sessions.

Customers can now search through the availability of driving training slots remotely and book up driving lessons in the comfort of their homes.

Once again, after feedback from an existing customer, BIG TOM was able to not only listen to the need of the customer but respond with a fix in less than 24 hours. It is this approach to continuous improvement that means our service is aligned with the needs of our customers.  Larger driving schools find it very difficult to respond in this dynamic way because there are so many layers of bureaucracy to go through.

The streamlining of the booking process means that finding driving training slots is now effortless and convenient. Owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram said:

“Online booking may seem a relatively minor enhancement but it is the continual application of small improvements that make for a better customer experience….and that is what has helped my driving school thrive for as long as it has. I would also add, that it was the feedback from a customer that sparked this change, and that is often the way. I am grateful to all customers who provide feedback as it is vital for reviewing processes and improving customer service.”