Learning is supposed to be fun!

As natural as it is for humans to want to learn (think of the young toddler learning to walk), as we get into our adult years we naturally become more selective about what we are wanting to learn, we associate a strong desire or need with the learning, and as such we are prepared to spend our hard earned income to receive that training.  This blog from Tom Ingram of BIG TOM Driving School (0800 689 4174) discusses what you should reasonably expect to receive for your money.

On the third morning of my 11 year old Son’s new secondary school term he said to me “I don’t understand Dad why the teachers can’t be more happy – they just don’t smile at all and I don’t know why”. 

Schools have a major advantage over a businessman such as myself who is running his own driving school; they have a never ending supply of custom.  But when a BIG TOM customer pays for an intensive driving course or traditional driving lessons, what can they reasonably expect to receive for their money?


Our training has our customer’s needs at the heart of it.  We don’t patronise customers.  We don’t reduce customers to tears.  We turn up on time, we don’t cancel sessions and we offer value.


We recognise that what makes an effective and enjoyable learning environment is the relationship between pupil and driving instructor.  Yes we smile, yes we chat, yes we praise, yes we encourage and yes we motivate.  But most of all, BIG TOM customers achieve goals.


We agree on doing what our customer wants to do, we keep it safe (not one single accident since the driving school was established in 2009).  The timing, the location and duration are managed so that it builds a positive experience, increases depth of learning and allows you to learn from mistakes where it is safe to learn from mistakes.


Our customers benefit from an assessment service that is precisely aligned to the DVSA driving test standard.  We are able to adapt the required training modules so that we can easily cater for a range of previous experience and ability.  Customers get access to online and offline resources that are high quality and effective.


Here are what some of our previous customers say about our service:

“I started driving with Tom after failed a test with another instructor. He build my confidence by giving me clear instruction on how to improve my driving. He used different techniques to show what to do. I found the mock tests we did really helpful and showed me exactly what the examiner would be looking for. Driving every day with Tom gave me much more experience than having a lesson weekly. Tom made everything easy by booking my initial test and then finding me a cancelation because he thought I was ready to take my test earlier. On day 5 I took my test and passed with no driver errors. I would definitely recommend Big Tom Driving School and wish I’d gone with Tom in the first place.”  Oliver Stephenson from Carlby


“As an older learner and parent, I felt it suited my needs more to do an intensive driving course.  After reading up on them, BIG TOM Driving School was the best choice for me.  Enjoyable, relaxed, friendly experience.  Very good teacher!”  Zoe Parry from Bourne


“Highly recommending Tom and big Tom Driving School and here’s why…. I was NEVER going to be a driver.. NEVER NEVER! Then I found Tom , the only instructor who’s managed to calm me down enough to get out of 2nd gear. I have severe anxiety and also a condition which affects my memory , Tom would teach me things and I would forget but he didn’t ever get stressed with me or even raise his voice … not once! He stayed calm and patient and yesterday I passed my driving test! Tom was never late to a lesson, never on his phone during a lesson. So many other instructors are late, rude and impatient. If you want a driving teacher who takes his job seriously and does everything he can to make you feel ok, then Tom is your guy :)”  Rhiannon Kirby from Grantham


Thanks for all your help and instruction on teaching me to drive (and pass my test first time). A few points about my time learning with you:

I found you very easy to communicate with, both in the car during lessons and on the phone (text). You put me at ease on the very first lesson with you and you were always so calm even when I made mistakes. It was nice that you were always early so my lessons always started on time.

You were also very good at explaining things in the simplest of ways and not over complicating things. I also thought it was fantastic that nearing my test date we took my lessons in my own car after we’d decided to use my car for my test. This was so useful as I wasn’t swapping from one car to another and I’m sure this played a big part on my test.

I really want to thank you again for getting me to such a high standard which will hopefully stay with me for life and I’m sure this is why I passed with only one minor (stupid one).” Liam Watkinson from Stamford


” I found learning with Tom to be very effective. He doesn’t pressurise you when you make mistakes and makes it a cool calm driving experience. I had very little driving experience when I started, and passed my test within 9 days, and I put that down to the way I was taught. Very effective and efficient service – much appreciated. Will definitely recommend to anybody. Bargain price too!” Andy Graham from Peterborough


“As a 63 year old who had never had a driving lesson I feel very lucky that I found Tom Ingram through the Directory. He is very patient and has a clear sense of how progress is made; he also has the ability to communicate that sense. He also has an excellent sense of humour and is open to the learner’s suggestions. All of which means that the lessons are enjoyable even for someone who still finds driving often intimidating” John Lancaster from Peterborough



Unlike my 11 year old son who can’t control how much his teachers smile, you are paying for a service, make sure you get maximum quality and value for your money.




BIG TOM Driving School provides 5 Day Intensive Driving Courses in Peterborough, Grantham, Lincoln, Sleaford, Stamford, Boston, Spalding and Bourne.  Contact us HERE


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