In driving training there is always a need to keep abreast of new road legislation changes, teaching technique modifications and evolving pupils’ needs. In this blog, we show how much new continuing professional development has been undertaken by the owner of BIG TOM Driving School, Tom Ingram. The following courses were successfully completed with a professional training provider, so far in 2023:

Mindful Listening

Digital Marketing Certification Level 2

SEND Certification

Anxiety Awareness

Introduction to Educational Psychology

New Highway Code amendments

DVSA Policy Changes

The reason why such importance is placed here at BIG TOM on continuing to learn is because as the driving school has been established since 2009, there will have been a great many changes within the industry that it is important for driving instructors to be aware of. Customers quite rightly expect a driving instructor who is helping their son/daughter to learn to drive to have the up to date skills that reflects modern times. Examples include:changes to the driving test and why they were introduced, why and how mock tests positively affect learning outcomes, attending annual driving instructor association conference for latest changes in the industry, updates on DVSA actions to reduce waiting times for driving test slots, the importance of wellbeing techniques to alleviate stress, anxiety and mental trauma for learning to drive and the taking of driving tests.