Quite naturally, people can feel rather nervous when they start learning to drive for the first time. It’s often the unknown; an issue that might be one of the primary reasons why people tend to pass driving tests on the second attempt.

In this blog we offer you two social media links to see the owner of BIG TOM Driving School Tom Ingram, giving driving lessons to a variety of pupils who have consented to being recorded. The video clips are normally between 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length but do offer an insight as to how driving lessons feel and also look like.

It is true that driving instructors will differ in their style of teaching, much like teachers do, so it can be very beneficial to take a look at an instructor before you start working with them. How do instructors differ? Well, it can be the case that an instructor prefers to make all the decisions of what is going to be practised and when, whereas other instructors will have more of a coaching style to the giving of driving lessons, where the pupil has a lot more input on what happens.

The safety record of instructors can differ. As a general rule, the more experienced the instructor, the more skilled and the more able to manage safety while training. Even the rate of learning can differ where some instructors will be quite happy to interleave different topics together rather than not moving on to the next until one particular topic is considered fully completed.

But another aspect of a driving training session is the environment. In much the same way that some teachers are more strict, serious and firm, so it is with driving instructors. Some pupils will benefit greatly from a ‘lighter’ environment where the communication is two-way and has elements of light-heartedness. It is a balancing act because on the one hand a pupil will expect safe, professional training where value is added to each session and progress is continual, but would prefer the learning environment to be aligned to their preferences.

Here are the links for videos on TikTok and Insta – we hope you find them useful.