Learning to drive with dyspraxia

People who have dyspraxia can find the routine tasks of our day to day living difficult.  Driving is no exception.  Coping with learning to drive can be hard.  At BIG TOM we understand the problem.

One of the essentials of learning to drive with dyspraxia is persevering. BIG TOM has got a lot of experience of helping adults learn to drive with dyspraxia and patience is a reliable guarantee.

The co-ordination skills that others will take for granted are not necessarily present. The unusual swings in driving ability can be very trying. When pupils come on to the BIG TOM intensive driving course, what they need is a driving instructor who is staying calm, helping out as much as possible. In our experience, it is possible to overcome issues relating to dyspraxia. Still, there should be an acknowledgement that it is going to take time, repeated practice and a great big dollop of understanding.

Since being established in 2009, BIG TOM has been helping pupils with a range of learning difficulties. The experience gained helps us to recognise and expect the emotional imbalance that pupils feel. Feelings of isolation, confusion, low self-esteem are common, and this driving school understands these effects. The driving training is conducted within a learning environment, mindful of maintaining respect and dignity. We don’t expect every pupil to progress at the same rate in some robotic fashion.

Our experience helps us to understand the symptoms, design in assisting mechanisms and truly empathise. We know the problem and do all we can to keep our pupils on track to achieve their goal of a full driving licence, in realistic timescales.

The two-week intensive course starts from £1497 – call us on 0800 689 4174

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