Once again, Lincoln driving test centre proved to be a valuable asset to learner drivers with BIG TOM. Read here Laurie’s story of how she passed her driving test on our 5 day intensive course.

Laurie had a pressing need to get her full driving licence quickly due to work pressures and having to rely on friends when travelling between work commitments.  She enrolled on the BIG TOM 5 day intensive driving course, where she travelled in to Grantham by train from her home near Nottingham.

BIG TOM Admin managed to source a driving test slot for her in Lincoln rather than Grantham and when her in-car training started, she started to sharpen up her driving skills initially in Grantham and surrounding areas. Laurie benefitted from a very realistic mock test in Lincoln which demonstrated a few skills that needed some more work. She then set about practising emerging on to faster-moving roads in a variety of locations including Cranwell, Heckington, Spalding and Sleaford. Lincoln does not provide too many places where that particular skill can be practised.  The kind of practice was approaching the give ways of a fairly large junction, wanting to emerge right on to a fast-moving road. Some of these junctions will have an area in the middle where a driver can momentarily pause, in effect, doing the emerge in two stages. But some junctions do not have that area in which case, the driver has to be able to assess precisely when is the correct time to emerge that takes into account traffic from both directions.

The very next day, on the last day of her driving course, she passed her driving test in Lincoln, on her first attempt with just 3 minors. So Laurie managed to gain her driving licence on the 5th day of her intensive course.  The added bonus for Laurie was that while Lincoln had remained open in the adverse weather conditions, Grantham driving test centre had closed all day with all driving tests cancelled.

Her driving instructor, Tom Ingram says about her course:

“Laurie deserves a great deal of credit for her approach to safe driving. Rather than getting bogged down in the location of her driving test, she was very happy to accept my feedback and alter plans so that she could further develop her driving skills for her to be a safe driver.  That is one of the nice things about these courses, there is the flexibility that you rarely find elsewhere, and it enables customers to concentrate more on developing skills using different locations rather than simply learning test routes where they intend to go to test.”


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