Building layers of driving experience is a trademark of the BIG TOM intensive driving course.

Pupils come to our courses with a variety of previous driving experiences.  Our job is to ensure that when they have completed their driving training, they have received a full spectrum of driving experience.  One of our customers Anthony from Sleaford was practising on the rural roads and hills around the Grantham area yesterday.  Today he is driving over to Peterborough to develop his skills on the larger roundabouts.

layers of driving experienceThis is what we do, day in, day out for our customers.  The result is that our customer develops into a safe, competent driver who is capable of driving in a variety of driving conditions in different towns and cities.

The length of our intensive courses vary depending on the previous driving experience our pupil has already had.  That way, we are giving our pupils every chance for successful outcomes.  Pupils don’t want to be wasting time doing training they have already covered, and they also don’t want to cut corners and deny themselves the opportunity to feel confident in their driving ability.

Crucially, we create a training programme that is interesting, diverse and helps to arm our customers with the necessary skills for everyday driving on public roads.  Safety is our number one priority while providing more driving experience.

For more information about how we help our customers choose the right course for them, sign up to our BIG TOM Help Centre (the link is down below).