Following on from the good news post last week about increased driving test availability across the driving test centres that BIG TOM uses, it is very pleasing to now add Peterborough driving test centre to that good news.

Yes, it seems that the increased driving test capacity has even spread to Peterborough which has had significantly reduced test availability for well over a year. As of today, there are driving test slots available for people wanting to take their driving test in Peterborough on:

20/10/23, 30/10/23, 02/11/23/ 03/11/23, 06/11/23, 09/11/23, 17/11/23

All of the above slots are freely available on the DVSA driving test booking system for the public to use. Do remember that driving schools do not have access to test slots that the public do not. The issue of booking a driving test is taken off the hands of BIG TOM intensive course customers – that is all done on your behalf subject to passing the mock test.

BIG TOM is very pleased to see this new change in driving test availability in Peterborough – the city serves a huge population and it now appears that the capacity of driving test examiners is more accurately aligned to the demand in the area.  BIG TOM has been providing driving training in the Peterborough area since 2009 and has helped many customers obtain their full driving licence by passing their test. The beauty with the intensive courses is that it is possible to achieve that goal in much quicker timescales than the traditional pay as you go driving lesson method.

If you have desires of passing your driving test before Christmas, get in touch today, don’t delay, demand is high. Call us on 01928 508 833