Observing the driving test

BIG TOM driving school has a positive policy on observing driving tests for pupils, this blog explains how it helps.

Pupils of the BIG TOM intensive driving course have the guaranteed right to expect to have their driving test observed by their driving instructor.  The test can be stressful and pupils’ ability to recollect what happens varies considerably.  By having a driving instructor observe the test, there is precise feedback of where incidents occur at the time.

Tom Ingram (Owner of BIG TOM) adds:

I would remind readers that the role of a driving examiner is purely one of assessment; they are not performing a instructive function.  The feedback they give will only be based around what happened that created a major driving fault to be recorded.  By having a driving instructor observe the test, they can provide vital feedback of how to actually improve skills and techniques.  This is yet another benefit passed on to customers that set us apart from others.

It is of course optional for BIG TOM customers, no-one has to have their test observed if they do not want it.  If any of our customers WANT the service, then it is guaranteed to be provided – a cast iron pledge.

The two-week intensive course starts from £1497 – call us on 0800 689 4174

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