Michael Bellamy from Bourne started his 40 hour BIG TOM intensive driving course on 25/10/21, just 17 days later, he has his full driving licence.


These kinds of turn round don’t happen by chance – we have resources that help our customers get their licence so much quicker, without compromising on any quality.  Michael gained experience driving in Boston, Stamford and Grantham, he practised in the dark, on rural roads and he was confident driving on and off the A1.

Driving instructor Tom Ingram says: “All credit goes to Mick, he needed to get his licence for his fishing and his work; his employers are very keen for him to be mobile.  Sometimes that can add a bit of pressure but Mick handled it very well, and fully engaged in the resources that were made available to him.  He passed his driving test in Grantham this morning, and it was a comfortable pass with only two minor errors, which is a good standard of driving.”

Michael took his mock test last week as part of his driving training and was able to develop his driving skills so that the actual driving test itself was no problem for him at all.