Pass Rates in Peterborough and Grantham

Interested in pass rates? Here are the very latest pass rates for the UK and also Peterborough and Grantham as released by the DVSA.

The following data is for the period July – September 2015:

  • Number of theory tests conducted is up 17% from last year, and practical driving tests is up 5%. The theory test pass rate is 50% and the practical driving test is 47%, male being 51% and female 44%.
  • The pass rate at Grantham is 52% with the number of pupils passing the test on their first attempt being 50%. For Peterborough the pass rate is lower at 45% with the first time pass rate at 46% (historically, Peterborough has always had a lower pass rate than Grantham).
  • Driving test waiting times are 4/3/16 for Grantham and 9/3/16 for Peterborough – both coming in at a 12 week waiting time. Remember that BIG TOM Driving School customers get their tests booked for them in much shorter waiting times than those figures quoted.
  • That is the last blog for 2015. Big congratulations to all BIG TOM customers who passed their test in 2015 and thank you for your custom – do keep in touch with the driving school, and remember the journey for you has just begun, there is still much to learn about driving safely, discovering how your driving ability is affected by other influences.
  • Safe driving to all readers – have a great Christmas and peaceful new year. Tom

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