Pass with BIG TOM

 Abbie Scott-Brown from Ruskington, Sleaford passes her driving test

She had previously tried to pass the driving test 6 times with other driving schools over a  two year period.  But Abbie who had not driven for over 8 months contacted BIG TOM to book a 5-day intensive driving course and passed on her first attempt on Day 5 of her course at Grantham.

Her driving instructor Tom Ingram says:

“Abbie has done so well here. She requested to have a BIG TOM mock test on Day 3 of her course and that gave her really accurate feedback of her driving ability.  I believe this was the missing link with her other experiences. This demonstrates once more the quality of service that customers receive on their course and how BIG TOM can save people so much time and money.”

Abbie works in professional health care in the NHS working shifts and being mobile is very important for her work and to travel to see family.  She took 5 days off work to attend her course and can now get on with living her life how she would like.

Abbie said

“Before starting my 5 day intensive driving course with BIG TOM, I’d previously already had MANY hours of driving experience under my belt and had already gone and failed 6 TESTS. I would say that my confidence in myself and ability to actually drive was shot. I was really nervous about the whole thing, from meeting Tom and actually getting back on the road, as I’d not driven for around 8 months after failing the 6th test. 

Within half an hour of meeting BIG TOM, I felt really at ease and comfortable with him. Midway through the week, I was still having doubts after doing a mock test with Tom, which was truly awful. BIG TOM didn’t let me give up on myself and we had many pep talks which then gave me the confidence to keep going. By the end of the 5 day course, I’d finally PASSED MY TEST! Honestly, without BIG TOM’s supportive and open teaching style I don’t think I would ever have passed my test. Even when you make mistakes, BIG TOM remains very calm, cool and collected, which made the experience very comfortable for me as a pupil. 

I can’t thank BIG TOM enough and for someone like me, who has unpleasant experiences with driving/Instructors over the years, I couldn’t recommend BIG TOM enough!!”



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